40 Ernstberger, Ken 9 36:00 34 25 0 0 0

Loosing is getting old. Playing the best team in the div when we are at the bottom can be pointless. It’s a lesson in how out of shape you are, how little stamina you have and how bad you suck.

I tried to remember everything that was taught to me the weekend before. Did it make a difference? Meh, I don’t know. Still fun playing hockey, but only one W in 11 games kinda sucks. Two face-off’s at the Hash-marks and two glove saves was my highlight. Funny how you can key in on how players move their bodies and their style of playing.

Ah well. Next game is Thursday against Tuesday Nooners. We last went head to head with them back in September. That was a 6:0 loss…….Food for thought.

Current Stat:

40 Ken Ernstberger Bench Warmers 11 391 80 0 7.36 1 10 0 317 0.748

By the way, it was a 9:1 loss.


A few of us from the team wanted to get together for a skate/practice Sunday. I need all the shots I can get. The day before, Saturday, my daughter had her one-on-one goalie instruction. I mentioned to her coach Josh, that we were having a skate the next day and that if he wanted to come and have a laugh he was welcome.

An hour on the ice without a break is tiring to say the least. No break as in, no whistles and with only 4 skaters on the ice all wanting to practice their shots, the lone goalie gets a workout! Josh gave me some great pointers, like: 1) In my ready position, I was leaning too much forward throwing off my balance, 2) Using my lower body to move my skates instead of leading with my upper body. 3) I raise my shoulders when I T-push. Something that I didn’t know I did, but once he pointed it out I was very conscience of it. 4) (Actually the first thing he said) I move around way too much – makes sense as it can easily put me out of position and leave the net wide open.

He went hard on me, but not too hard. Which I appreciated. I don’t want to be treated with kid gloves, but I also don’t want to leave the ice completely devastated. Apparently I am not the worst he has seen, but I have a lot of  catch up – And my 10 year old daughter is a better goalie than me 😉

The Lone Goalie

Yeah yeah, its Friday morning and I didn’t post my Shinny night from two days ago. I have two guaranteed people that read this; DroptheGloves and my wife, so I’m not pissing off a lot of people  😉

Wednesday was the regular pickup night at the Community Centre with a catch. I was the only goalie. A few calls and it was confirmed, the regular goalie couldn’t make it (he did call the convener – us players just didn’t know) and no alternate was available. So it was me and the Shooter Tutor minding the Net.

The nice thing I find about shinny, is that I can try different things and it doesn’t matter if it works or not, its my “proving ground”. I proved that night that for whatever reason, cutting my toe ties off caused and extra workout on my calves – Wow did they burn! No idea why – If you know clue me in. Anyways I found that I had a better range, especially when trying to toe kick pucks on a rebound. I think I’ll keep them off….plus it’s less “stuff” to deal with when getting dressed.

The other goalie was cool, calm and collected. Never flinched and didn’t get phased by the attacker. I tried to learn a few things watching the plays on net, but I decided doing my own “thing” is probably more important than mimicking someone else.

Practice with some of the team Sunday afternoon, then our next ASHL game isn’t until next Friday. Glad I have the Wednesday night games in between !

Good Game!

40 Ernstberger, Ken 5 36:00 23 18 0 0 0

We lost in a 5:3 drop to the “Cowboys from Hell”. The last time we played them was our first ever game as a team and the first ever hockey game for a lot of us. That was a 10:4 loss. At the end of last nights game one of their team mates said (and I’m not sure if was directed to me or our whole team) “You did better than the last time we played you”. If that was directed to me, Thank you, if it was directed to the whole team, Thank you, My team did awesome.

The big difference? Last nights game was a great great hockey game. Lots of fun, our forwards did great and our D was on point. There was no pressure, not really any nerves, just going out to play a little stick. I still have lots to work on, like making sure my pads sit flat on the ice when in a butterfly and reaction time. I had some good saves, could have reached a little more for the puck on top shelf shots. Score would have been 4:3 as I got a piece of the puck….just not enough. Ah well.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to put my net cam in. Haven’t gotten around to that yet, but I have a game of Shinny tonight, maybe I will throw it in tonight.

Best part is my GAA is going down! 🙂 – Might break into the 6’s soon!

Something wasn’t right

40 Ernstberger, Ken 6 36:00 34 28 0 0 0

You ever have that game where going into the locker room you know that something is off? Sure you do, everyone has that feeling.

The locker room was quiet, no music, no one was talking. The Winnipeg Jets had just lost in OT to Montreal and it was a 9:20pm game on a Saturday night. Despite the Jets loosing it should have been more upbeat of a mood, but it wasn’t.

1:40sec into the game I let a weak weak WEAK goal in. I hadn’t played in over a week, so that’s my excuse. The period ended in 3:2 for Yah?Horray!. The 2nd period went scoreless and the third period was just bizarre. I couldn’t stop a basketball with a sheet of plywood and we couldn’t score or pass/receive the puck to save our lives. Ended up in a 6: loss. What can I say? – Nothing.

We play Tuesday against the “Cowboys from Hell” – The first team we ever played that ended up in a 11:4 loss, I guess we will see which team has improved more since our last meeting!

Burnt Every time!

40 Ernstberger, Ken 6 36:00 25 19 0 0 0


I get burnt Every-F*cken-Time – that will probably come from experience, but still COME ON!

I gotta say, I am at the point where I am tired of letting goals in. I play again at 9:20 this Saturday. I’ll bring my netcam and post it on YouTube. You guys tell me what to do!

On the plus side, by GAA went from 7.86 to 7.62

Out of Gas

7th  Game ever played:

40 Ernstberger, Ken 11 36:00 32 21 0 0 0

We had 12 days since our last game. No excuse for me as I’ve played 2 shinny games and had one practice in between. I am on the ice at least 4 other hours coaching two of my daughters hockey teams, but those don’t count in my mind.

I have a real problem with the 1 on 0 and 2 on 0. I can’t seem to track the puck fast enough and/or react fast enough to block the pass or the shot from the cherry picker. Most times I’m squaring up on the shooter and not the puck which puts me out of position.

I was doing A LOT of huffing and puffing that game. It was a late one 10:50 pm and I skipped supper which I know didn’t do me any favors. It wouldn’t have made a difference on the final score, but maybe I would have had some energy. Going into the 3rd, I had no gas in the tank and really wished someone would have pulled the fire alarm…. No such luck. In between 2nd and 3rd crossing the ice, I told the other goalie, if he was getting board we could switch jerseys…..he laughed…..I didn’t.

Shaking hands at the end of the game, many of the other team’s players told me “You were kept busy”. Thanks but that doesn’t prevent my GAA from sky rocketing.

Earlier in the day, I thought of bringing my netcam to the game. Glad I didn’t. WTF (What The French) is a current 3rd place team. Last time we played them, we lost 8:3 – We are in last place, BUT we can only get better…..Right?

No pics, No video – Just a reflection on one hell of a workout.

Shinny #3

Shinny night #3 at the Community Centre:

My takeaways:

  1. New goalie pants are stiff and take getting use to
  2. If your knee pads slip down, you might as well not even have them on! – First time I had knee pads on, not sure if I like them! F&CK does my knee hurt
  3. Getting a puck in the fleshy part inside the collar bone hurts, even if its a weak shot
  4. I still don’t square up to the shot
  5. I’m sloppy
  6. I’m clumsy
  7. I don’t have the reach I should – Need to get my dance daughter to help me with splits!
  8. I don’t care what the score is in Shinny – I use it as my once a week practice to see what works and what doesn’t. : / – There is a lot of stuff that doesn’t work!
  9. I watch Beer League Talk while doing this blog and they talk about Tots A-LOT
  10. I waddle like a duck when I do shuffles
  11. I need to get higher up in my crease
  12. Camera needs to be pointing down more

    I’ve been struggling with my thigh strap ALWAYS coming undone, giving no upper support all season


Discovered after the game that there is a WHOLE bunch more strap inside the pads velcro’d together – SCORE!



Shinny #2

Shinny night at the Community Centre, I stopped counting goals (mine and the other tendy) after 5:5 – probably ended up being 20:20 or something like that, but the teams were pretty evenly matched.

My big take away from tonight? – Watch the cherry picker in the crease when the other team has the puck in the corner or on the dot! AND TIE YOUR LACES PROPERLY!

Good night, lots of fun.

Got a new (used) pair of skates today and tried them out. Really like them: Reebok 10K – Not sure if the pump actually works as I couldn’t tell the difference but they are a much better fit than the old Bauer’s I was using. All my gear except my stick is used because I’m not willing to spend a lot of money right now. The girls hockey and dance take precedent. The only thing that I really need to buy is a new pair of pants. The ones I have, have a big rip in the crotch that I have already tried sewing. Keeping an eye out on Kijiji -maybe I will have to check out the clearance section of Pro Hockey Life…….You think Vaughn might want to sponsor me?


First Win!!!

We got our first W and it was a great feeling of accomplishment. A 4:3 OT win for a great game that was fun to play and actually went by pretty fast.

If there is one negative thing to say, it was the 3rd goal. I’m down, puck between  my pads, my glove is down, my head is down and the ref isn’t blowing the whistle! – Ended up the puck was dug out and flipped in from the side. That is one goal I wanted back – my team helped me out on that.

I felt a lot more confident and felt like I was a real goalie. Heck maybe I’m not just a guy in goalie gear, maybe I AM a goalie? – Well maybe not just yet I’m only 6 games in after all.

I don’t know if its just me or if all goalies – all hockey players even  – feel this way, but being a goalie is mentally exhausting. You are constantly tracking the puck, you don’t get a break, you are always moving and when it’s a 1 on 0, 2 on 0 or a regular shot on net, its a mind game with the shooter. Trying to anticipate their move before they know what their move is. Plus the constant battle in your space gets frustrating! If you have kids that play in between the pipes, don’t be too hard on them if they have a game that doesn’t go to well. Walk in their shoes first before you judge – That’s my PSA for today.

We have 12 days before our next game. I will have 2 adult community centre games in that time so I wont be sitting idle, but the team wants to get a practice in this Friday. Great thing is that my daughters goalie coach is willing to come and give me some pointers. He will strip me down and make me realize how E div I really am, but it will help to get some professional training.

My new good luck water bottle, stolen from my daughter  🙂

18 SA, 15 SVS, 7.33 GAA