WHOA – Its Playoff time!

Alrighty folks – those that are playing summer hockey, welcome to your SUMMER PLAYOFFS!

Tuesday night the Benchwarmers (6:11:1) faced the Tuesday Nooners (7:11:0).

First period went according to plan. Team was in great form, hard on the puck and a lot of action in the ‘Nooners zone. Period ends 0:0

Second period, I see more action, what seemed like lots of shots, some scrambles in our zone and a few turnovers results in a breakaway goal. Period ends in a 2:1 lead

Third period – Time to keep the lead…..Nope 1 tic-tac-toe, 1 Tip in from one of my forwards and another tic-tac-toe. The third period was the cold hard facts of running out of gas from everyone.

Ah well – that’s hockey! Rematch against the ‘Nooners this coming Tuesday. Wish us luck!