Beer League – Its a viscous game!

Wow! – What a weekend. Sunday night saw the Bench Warmers take on the
first place Puck & Shillelaghs. No surprise that it was a loss, 8:4 – I thought I made some good saves. Need to work on moving back and forth in order to see past the screens……and breakaways – holy crap do I get burnt on the 1 on 0’s – Every-Single-Time…. Keep in mind, it was post SuperBowl Sunday, a few or our players were missing and at least one D was totally wasted.

This year has taken a toll on our players though, Allen one of our soon to be CPP collectors pulled his groin muscle earlier in the year and has only been back for about 4 games.

But last night – Holy Moly let me tells ya, Hockey’s an unforgiving game dont’cha know? I only saw the aftermath of Patty (Patrick) down on the ice clutching his leg….Turns out colliding and a funny twist with the skate catching can break the fibula, shift the tibula and tear some ligaments!

Also taking a puck in the ear from 6-feet away caused Kyle 3 stitches and a great looking jersey! – No one can figure out how that puck got that kinda height cause there was no one in between the shooter and the victim to tip it.

Big thanks to Jimmy Mac and CanLan for being quick to attend to our wounded.

All though our injuries this weekend were pure fluke, remember, this is beer league. The only ones watching your game is your significant other who will quickly try and forget what they just saw and the other teams up at the bar drinking who will forget the colour of your jersey as soon as they turn around.

……Skate hard out there and be nice to your goalie – No mellon ringers in warmups