New Season – Same Goalie

So in case anyone is wondering, no I did not take summer off. I played summer league, which was a tougher game to play. People were right that teams are harder in summer. – Hardcore I guess. Use green guys joked that we were using summer league as practice for winter…….and so it started Saturday night.

Saturday we played “The Pylons” – A decent team that apparently we only played once in Winter and lost 4:1 (Keep that score fresh in your head) – half the team that showed up was guys that didn’t play summer – EVERYONE from the 2017 winter season came back so there were no new faces, but it was good to see everyone again. Some guys admitted that the game was going to be a bit rough, being back on skates after a summer off.

The game ended in a 4:1 loss (again).
1 good goal
1 goal my fault for not locking up on the post
1 goal that I was soooooooo sure I had a glove on, but missed it completely. Clear line of site, nothing but a few sticks in the pucks flight path. Not sure if it got tipped ever so slightly, but I didn’t have it even close, so I didn’t do my job.
1 goal buried in close because I lost my stick in a net crash and just could not scramble enough to save even with one good pad block.

We potted 1 goal – I was told it was a fluke, but hey, a goal is a goal!

Next game is Tuesday against “Ya? Hooray!”

40 Ernstberger, Ken 4 36:00 23 19 0 0 0