New Twig! @warriorhockey CR/2

Bought a new CR/2 on Friday in anticipation of our Saturday night game against the Village People.

What can I say? I’m a NEW goalie, how am I supposed to know the difference right? Well I can tell you coming from a Sherwood T80 stick, the Warrior feels similar, but not the same. Balanced a bit different, BUT its rebound control is much much better. With the paddle down, the Sherwood wood (See what I did there???) allow the puck to bounce out a foot. The Warrior – only inches.

On the Sherwood, I had to tape the bottom of the shaft where it met the paddle – only because there was no grip there. The Warrior has “Slidegrip” technology, Basically sticky grip on the paddle and slightly up the shaft. All though you can feel it, I had to tighten my grip on the stick to make sure it wasen’t going to slip out of position. Perhaps something I need to get use to, or I was over compensating for being a crappy goalie.