HOLY CRAP! A legit shutout!

I’ll be honest, I only had 12 shots on me – but hey that’s 12 shots that didn’t find the back of my net!

We had some spares come help us out Saturday night as we thought we were going to be short. Two new D to our lineup, one of which I play with on Wednesday nights at the Community Centre. The other, Gus, a friend of one of our forwards was an amazing D – short guy, but amazing speed, accuracy and moves so smooooooth!

At the end of the 1st, we were up 2:0 – Based on the shots I faced and the frustration from the other Netminder, I thought we’d have a real chance of winning this game. Once the 3rd puck found its way to the back of the opposing net the other Tendy threw a small tantrum – Sorry dude, I’ve been there, it will pass.

The end of the 2nd resulted in a 4:0 score. At this point, there was a BAD BAD BAAAAAAAAAD word twirling around in my head. It’s the word that all Goaltenders dare not speak but scream it inside their mask – “Shutout“. A few games have gone past where one guy on the team whispered that word to me mid game. I blame him for jinking those games and it was his voice that was taunting me in my head during that last period. – Thanks Nathan…..

In the 3rd on one breakaway the attacking forward lost control of the puck at the last minute and I was able to poke check it away – Phew! The last breakaway I squared up to the puck and thought I committed too soon, going down in a butterfly…..as I was going down I stretched my right leg out as far as it would go and felt the bounce of the puck off my toe……What a gratifying feeling!

There are a few things that I think contributed to the win:

  1. We had great chemistry that night, 11 skaters, everyone in position and accuracy and speed from all of them.
  2. I had a one-on-one lesson earlier that day, went through some fundamentals and Josh, my goalie coach fixed me up in my ready stance. Taking before and after pictures really helped me realize how flawed my stance was.
  3. Josh also told me to relax and not just play for the team, but play for myself. It made it a more fun game.
  4. Only facing 12 SOG, a third of what I normally face, made the game less exhausting for me.
  5. My wife came to the game. She is what is called “good luck”
  6. We played “Dancing Queen” by Abba – That may be our new pre-game song. The ASHL guy shook his head and laughed as he dropped off the roster sheet minutes before the game. Hey – whatever works.

Winning feels good, a Shutout feels better – especially when its your very first one, but don’t worry, I know I will be put back in my place at the next game. I’m not looking back at the Shutouts and Wins that I got in the past, I’m looking forward to the future SO & wins that are yet to come.

Game puck

Who doesn’t love Dancing Queen?