Can I tell you a story? Got a minute?

40 Ernstberger, Ken 2 35:25 23 21 0 0 0

Saturday morning I got an email from Troy, he plays on my team and also on the Wednesday night guys hockey. He was asking if guys could come out to ladies hockey that night because of low attendance. They were also looking for two goalies. Wanting the ice time, I said yes, BUT before that I had to take my daughter Sarah (@kidgoalie40) to her regularly scheduled goalie lesson and my FIRST REAL goalie lesson.

During that lesson I discovered that my almost 45 year old joints don’t quiet rotate and move the way a goalie should, but that’s OK, because I can feel a larger range of motion now than when I first started in September. Had a lot of good take aways from that lesson and got a good workout even though it was only 30min long.

Fast forward to the evening, I show up to the rink and as I’m walking in one of the girls also walking in thanks me for coming and mentions that they have not had a goalie all year long! It was a fun game, I tried a bunch of things that didn’t work and got scored on by some wicked hockey players. There were a lot of first timers so the overall pace was slower, but the more experienced players turned it on when they got the chance.

Three guys from the Bench Warmers team were there and Josh, Sarah and my goalie coach was also there as a player and he lit me up when he could. He knows my weaknesses and has no problem in exploiting them! – That’s OK with me too, how else am I going to get better? The night ended with a few refreshments and some laughs with the  guys that came.

The next morning however was an 8:45 am ice time with my youngest daughter playing Timbits hockey. I had to leave the ice half way through though, because I had my own game at 10:20 am – our first morning game and even better, my wife and girls came to watch me play and cheer me on! – I tried hard to ignore the  banging on the glass but it was nice to have the support.

The last time we played the “Johnny come Latelys” we got spanked 6:2. This game it did help that we had 16 skaters and they only had 8. The first period ended in us up 4:0, The second period saw the Johnny’s step on the gas, they really held us on par with no scoring in the second. I really thought that their tanks would be empty in the 3rd, but 1min 8sec into the last frame they score with the puck tipping down off the bottom of my glove. Man was I pissed. Prior to the game in the locker room the topic of a “shutout” came up from the guys talking about how little players they had……they jinked me! Once they got that first goal, they were out for blood, they had a taste and I was kept busy for the rest of the 3rd. A scramble in behind, on the side and then in front of the net yielded them another goal. One that I felt hit the inside of my pads (through my gaping wide pads) – I pulled my skates together to close up the back side, but it was too late, the deed was done.

The game ended with a 7:2 win, one of our guys even got his first goal of the year – Apparently the Johnny’s didn’t check our stats before the game otherwise they would have realized why we were so happy and also in celebrating that last goal.

The other goalie didn’t want to get up a few times despite only having 3 more SOG than me…….crybaby 😉

After the game, we all went to Smitty’s for a pre-planned get together, ate wings, nacho’s, drank beer and were able to celebrate a much needed W. Best of all, my GAA dipped below 6!

That evening the hockey continued for me and the rest of the family as Sarah had a game against the Polar Bears. A 2:0 Shutout Win for her! In case your reading this and don’t already know, Sarah has been raising money for Pediatric Cancer Research at CancerCare Manitoba for the past 2 years, you can see what she is up to here: A $59.00 personal donation thus far this year and a $ 1 310.00 Year to Date in donated funds!

I am donating my own GA and (haha) SO’s – So far I’m in it for $100 – This sport is an expensive one!

40 Ken Ernstberger Bench Warmers 17 605 100 0 5.95 3 14 0 445 0.775